Congratulations On Your New Cabinetry Order!

In order to keep your cabinetry and counter tops in good condition, Villa Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry would like to provide you with some helpful information to assist you in maintaining your cabinets and counter-tops.


Cabinet Care

Your Villa cabinetry has been built to your specifications with top quality materials and manufacturing techniques. With the proper minimal care, they will sustain years of lasting beauty and performance.

What To Do

For everyday cleaning, use a warm, damp cloth or a sponge with a very mild soap (for painted, lacquered cabinets and all melamine)

If desired, once a year apply lemon oil or hard paste wax to wooden cabinetry

What Not To Do

Do NOT use self-polishing waxes (such as Pledge or Endust) as these will create a build-up of wax over time

Do NOT use abrasive acidic cleansers as these will damage wooden or lacquered surfaces

Do NOT use steel wool or abrasive pads as these will scratch the surfaces

Counter-Top Care

Laminate Counter-Tops

If you have installed laminate counter tops in your home it is important to note that the seams/joints are NOT waterproof. Extended exposure to water or dampness WILL result in “lifting” of the laminate and potential splitting of the joints/seams. Try to be diligent in keeping your counter-tops dry.

Cabinet Hinge Assembly, Removal, and Adjustment Instructions

Clip - Assembly

Clip - Removal

Height Adjustment

Side Adjustment

Depth Adjustment